We just got back from Mexico City where we rented a car to drive to Teotihuacán and Tula. Driving was definitely a bit crazy in the city but the drive to the pyramids was pretty easy. Be sure to have cash for the toll roads.

Unfortunately, when we returned the car to Enterprise, they took the caraway and then returned with it saying there was damage to the spare tire. They inspect cars like I’ve never seen in the US (I rent a car at least once a month for work). To see the damage, you had to remove a box over the tire (which they never did in our initial inspection). We never used, touched, or even saw the spare tire before we turned the car back in and there was no sign of break-in. We had full insurance coverage but they said that doesn’t include the spare tire. There was nothing we could do at the time so we paid for the tire and are now dealing with it through Enterprise.

So our warning to everyone is to inspect everything in the car with the rental car agent, including the spare tire! We’ve been told a pretty typical scam is to charge you a cleaning fee (there was absolutely no dirt/trash in our car so we avoided that one). So just be aware—we were happy to have the car for the drive to the pyramids but are not happy to be scammed by the rental car agency.