So I rented a car and drove in Mexico for the first time ever. All went well for the two days we drove, the rental agreement, finding our way around etc.. except an attempted gas scam in San Jose at a Penmex gas station. I read up on this issue before we went and was totally prepared for it. So I thought.

I used the same gas station twice, the first time there were no issues. I got out, watched the pump, he set it to zero and pointed at it and said “set to zero” I said gracias! gave him the money and went on my way.

The second time at the same station, I did the same thing, got out, watched to pump set to zero, watched him pump it, and it came to 341 pesos. I said 350 please to top it right up. and I had 350 pesos in my hand. he squeezed the trigger one more time and it settled on 355. I handed him 350 pesos, by counting it out to him, turned around to grab a 5 peso coin out of the jeep, turned around to give it to him and he was holding 150 pesos in his hand saying I only gave him 150. I said BULL*^@#!, I gave you 350… I got in the jeep and drove away. They are so slick… :/