Money belts, hidden pouches

Each day 400,000 pickpocket incidents happen globally. Protect yourself with a RFID blocking money belt or hidden pouch today!

You will find both fans and critics of the money belt / hidden pouch. However, we strongly encourage concealing and securing your valuables with it, as:

  • The best way of not becoming a theft victim is to first, not look like one.
  • It becomes almost impossible for thieves to steal from you.


A common criticism is that it is unsightly or inconvenient to take anything out on the streets. However, that is the wrong way of using it.

You should still carry a wallet / purse with small amounts of cash, while a money belt should be used for essential but not frequently required items, such as:

  • Emergency cash and cards: spare cash, credit card, debit card, etc
  • Essential documents: copy of passport, visa, travel insurance, etc
  • Essential information sheet: emergency numbers, insurance helpline, credit card hotline, hotel contact and address, allergies, medical condition, etc
  • Transport: travel pass, rail pass, driver’s license, etc
  • Room key: access key or card


In this section, you will find the ultimate list of money belts and hidden pouches in 2018 which we have painstakingly curated for all users, types and budgets.



1. RFID blocking money belt


2. RFID blocking hidden neck pouch


3. Belt wallet


4. Bra pouch



1. RFID blocking money belt

A good money belt should:

  • Have built-in RFID protection (why RFID is recommended)
  • Be slim and discreet to be hidden under clothing
  • Be made of comfortable material to be used in all climates and to fit snugly
  • Have adjustable strap
  • Be made of quality materials to ensure durability and ease of use


1a. Best performance: Pacsafe Coversafe X100 Waist Wallet

In our view, the Pacsafe Coversafe X100 Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Waist Wallet (USD 29.95) is the money belt that has the best balance of anti-theft properties, comfort and functionality in the market today.


>> More details on product site


Another top quality product from Pacsafe, the versatile Pacsafe Coversafe X75 is discrete, comfortable, durable and secure – everything you would want from the ideal money belt.

In fact, although we recommend only wearing it under your clothing, it can even be worn outside your clothing due to its anti-theft features!


What others have to say


By Global Traveler


I own the previous model with the 2 zippered pockets and sleeves for credit cards, but that model is a lot more bulkier than this model. But, the trade off is this newer version is lighter. I actually carry 2 money belts while traveling. One in the front and one in the back while in transit between airline flights and bus rides etc. But, I only use one for when I’m out and about walking.


This version in my opinion is the best one on the market right now for security, RFID and Slash-Proof strap. Also the hidden quick release buckle is better than other models I’ve used. You can zip it up, buckle it up and don’t have to worry about it falling off or being compromised. You’ll be good to go.


Great design and durability, well worth the extra money.

By Patricia Semple


Wore it for a week in Barcelona. Never once was I reminded that I was wearing itso comfortable, not binding. Love the breathable back, a wonderful feature for hot climates, and the neutral color, which did not show under my clothes, and slim profile.


Also recommend it strongly for the belt itself — it’s reinforced with thin cable, unlike my daughter’s much flimsier one which is just an elastic strap. I want to get a second one as a gift for her, but it is out of stock right now.


Nice security and some extra security…

By S. R.


I really liked this for our overseas trip. There is wire in the strap making it difficult to cut and I found it easy to get money and credit cards in and out. I worry about RFID scanners, so this was a great choice for me. Even in the heat, I didn’t find it to be more uncomfortable than I was without it.


One note with this. You are not going to wear this through a TSA check point. I just put mine in my carry on as I went through the checkpoint… I don’t know that any product works with TSA, so I didn’t see that as a draw back.


Key features

>> More details on product site


Zippered main compartment with divider and 1 interior slip pocket: fits passport, credit cards, cash and other small daily valuables.

Soft touch breathable backing: this allows you to wear the Coversafe X100 subtly under clothing comfortably.

Adjustable wire-reinforced Carrysafe waist strap with side release buckle (hidden under fabric): helps prevent theft when worn outside of clothing.

RFID blocking (inside the zippered compartment): helps protect sensitive personal data stored on RFID micro-chips, which can be accessed by identity thieves from up to 10 feet away using an RFID reader. Pacsafe’s RFIDsafe blocking material helps block out virtually all transmissions between 10 MHz to 3 GHz, which covers the radio frequency used in e-passports, credit cards, ID cards, and key cards.


>> More details on product site


Product dimensions

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 5.3 x 10.2 x 0 in / 13.5 x 26 x 0 cm
  • Weight: 0.28 lbs / 4.48 oz / 127 g
  • Materials: 75D Polyester dobby, PU1000mm
  • Colors: black, chilli red, neutral grey
  • Strap length: waist circumference (min): 29.1 in / 74cm; waist circumference (max): 45.9 in / 116.5 cm


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 3.9 / 5 stars from over 35 reviews
  • Over 65% of reviews are 4 and 5 stars



1b. Best value: Peak Gear Travel Money Belt

If you would like something like a lower price point, the Peak Gear Travel Money Belt with built-in RFID block (USD $16.97) is for you.


>> More details on product site


Why do we say this money belt provides the best value? Five points:

Light, slim and comfortable with a super functional design: the unique Comfort Soft strap adjusts snug around the waist to fit both men and women. Two compartments and pockets inside the hidden pouch fit multiple passports and keeps credit cards organized. Its moisture-wick backing will keep the pouch cool against your skin.

Built in RFID protection: RFID block protection is also built into the fabric, so you do not need to fuss around with flimsy RFID sleeves like with other money belts.

Top quality materials, 100% money back guarantee: premium YKK Zippers (highest quality on the market), 210D water-resistant nylon, premium stitching and a double-release safety buckle to ensure reliability and durability.

Free theft insurance: Peak Gear is so confident that it is offering $250 theft Insurance to reimburse you if items are stolen!

Lifetime recovery service for lost items: The company has also partnered with ReturnMe, the world’s largest lost & found company, to give you 2 free Global Recovery Decals ($8 value). Stick on your phone, passport, camera, etc. and their 24/7 call center will help return lost items from anywhere in the world.

One thing of note  – although this belt can withstand sweat, but if you were to go hiking or exercising, the sweat can get to your items. In those cases, a belt / pouch tailored for sports will be more suitable.

>> More details on product site


What others have to say

This keeps you safe

By bg1


I bought this for my daughter to take on a trip to Spain this month. She wasn’t keen on wearing it because it would be so hot where they were going. The instructor pretty much said if you don’t have one, you are asking for trouble. And sure enough, there were attempts to get her backpack from her, to rob her, right in the street.


But she was wearing her passport and her money under her top. So they got nothing, and they didn’t even get the back pack. If you travel, this is a must.. This came with an insurance policy of up to $250 reimbursement, but we didn’t need it. It worked, just they way it was supposed to.


Best money belt that I have ever had by far!

By jp


We just received our two money belts today. I am really impressed by the quality. I have had other money belts before but these are the best quality that I have seen. I especially like the RFID protection. With so many scams going on it is nice to have this extra protection.


In addition, I like the belt clasp. All the others that I have had were sort of chintzy and prone to come lose (ever felt a money belt slip down your pants leg?). The one on this is designed much better so that it won’t come loose. The pockets are also lined (probably the RFID protection) that seems to make them more durable. I am really pleased that we found these.


Secure and Well Made

By Seahawks Lvr


My husband took this with him on a trip to Nepal where he was required at the last minute to take a lot of cash with him and be responsible for handling the expenses for a team of 6 people travelling to various places and remote villages along with his own cash and credit card and ID.


The money belt held up well after being worn for 13 days straight and he’ll use it again on other international trips that require the security of his carrying credit cards and cash.


Key features

>> More details on product site


  • 210D Ripstop Nylon: lightweight and durable to last you for years of travel
  • Exclusive ComfortSoft Strap: the softest and most comfortable strap out there
  • Dual Side-Release Buckle: ensure that the belt will not accidentally come undone
  • Pocket and Inner Compartments: keep your important documents safe and organized
  • Water Resistant: made to hold up, wherever your travels may take you
  • Breathable Mesh Backing: stays comfortable for all day use and in warm climates
  • YKK Zippers: the industry’s highest quality zipper for smooth, jam-free use
  • Built-In RFID: the best protection against electronic thieves
  • Adjustable for the Right Fit: available in Reg, XL and XS for the perfect fit


Product dimensions

  • Dimensions (L x W): 4.75 x 11.5 in / 12.1 x 29.2 cm
  • Weight: 0.15 lbs / 2.4 oz / 68 g
  • Materials: YKK Zippers, 210D water-resistant nylon, premium stitching
  • Colors: beige, black
  • Sizes: XS (for waist <28″), Regular (in between, fits most), XL (for waist >42″)


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 4.8 / 5 stars from over 2,110 reviews
  • Over 95% of reviews are 4 and 5 stars



1c. Best budget: Raytix Travel Money Belt

If budget is a concern, we recommend the Raytix Travel Money Belt (USD $11.99), which is just a tad cheaper than the one from Peak Gear.


>> More details on product site


For its price point, this product does pack a punch – comfort is not compromised while ensuring security, and quality materials are used to ensure durability and reliability of the product.

One thing though, is that as compared to the money belt from Peak Gear, both the back and the straps of the Raytix money belt are less soft.


What others have to say

It was also very comfortable and I didn’t notice wearing it most of the …

By Stephen Friederichs


This money belt gave me peace of mind when traveling in Europe. I kept my passports, cash and hotel card in there and never worried about losing them. It was also very comfortable and I didn’t notice wearing it most of the time.


The RFID blocking works as well as I found out when I tried to open my hotel room by rubbing the money belt with the RFID card inside it against the reader: no dice! I’m keeping this thing for all the situations I can’t afford to lose something important.


Great product. Worn for 44 days straight no complaints.

By Adam


I went on a month and a half long trip through SE Asia during monsoon season (hot and wet). This belt was perfect. I wore it every day for 44 days including 7+ hour plane rides. Very comfortable. It’s a little hot, but so is everything when it’s 95 degrees.


The various currencies fit well. The belt held up great, barely showing any signs of wear. It’s easily concealable. It’s not waterproof (doesn’t claim to be) and sometimes my sweat alone would make it to the cash but this didn’t cause any problems. Great product.


Great belt for safe travel

By A. Franklin


Nice travel belt. Did not feel hot against skin. Easy to pull over or just buckle. Double compartments are nice to separate passport from money. 2 small pockets perfect for credit cards.


Wore continuously for 10 days and held up great. I would buy this product again and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great money belt.


Key features

>> More details on product site


Security with top-notch comfort: thanks to its lightweight and thin construction, the Raytix Travel Money Belt feels genuinely comfortable when wearing. It is also unnoticeable and incredibly convenient to bring when travelling!

RFID protection blocks: the money belt blocks all RFID transmissions, and you do not need to bother with cumbersome RFID sleeves!

Hidden pocket: safely hold your travel documents, money and credit cards out of the reach of potential scammers, thieves and pickpockets!

Quality materials ensuring durability and reliability – the Raytix Travel Money Belt will not tear. From YKK Zippers to water resistant nylon and double release safety buckles, there is no need to worry about reliability


Product dimensions

  • Dimensions: 11 x 5.5 x 0.02 in / 27.9 x 14.0 x 0.05 cm
  • Weight: 0.15 lbs / 2.4 oz / 68 g
  • Materials: 100% real leather, sturdy and durable for rough use, texture comfortable for use
  • Colors: black, biege, grey, navy, pink, turquoise 


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 4.8 / 5 stars from over 1,310 reviews
  • Over 95% of reviews are 4 and 5 stars



1d. Best for sports: Stashbandz Unisex Travel Money Belt

If your trip involves sports or lots of hiking, a sports specific money belt may be more useful.

One such running belt we highly recommend is the Stashbandz Unisex Travel Money Belt / Running Belt (USD $22.99).


>> More details on product site


The product is a versatile, all-in-one fashion, sporting, and travel accessory.

Made of soft, high quality fabric specifically designed to keep your body cool, the belt will stay on with no chafing or bouncing during physical activity.

The tubular stretch Spandex also allows for the storage of larger phones, and insulin pumps, chemo pumps or LVAD can be stored in the wide pockets. There is also a nice range of colours!

A drawback is that there is no RFID protection. However, we believe you are highly unlikely to be targeted anyway while engaging in physical activity. Electronic pickpockets won’t be able to keep up!


What others have to say

Perfect for travel

By Paige E. Thoele


The Stashbandz was really comfortable, after having it on for a few minutes, I kind of forgot it was there. I used it while traveling throughout Cuba to hold my passport and money. It was especially great for the museums where they would ask you to check your purses upon entry.


After that trip, I continued on to the Bahamas where I used the Stashbandz while walking on the beach to hold shells and even swam with it on to collect sea glass / more shells. None of the small shells fell out despite some rough water – so this awesome little belt has many uses!


The ONLY one that works with large phones!

By Just Me


Love this! Exactly what I needed. Work-out clothes never have pockets, especially ones big enough to hold your phone. I checked ALL of the other merchants who make a similar product, but theirs only work for small phones like the iPhone (booo).


This is the ONLY one that works for larger phones, so don’t waste your time looking at others! This has pockets all the way around and what you put in them stays put. Pure genius!


LOTS of uses for this product

By Jean H.


I take this product with me to my exercise classes and the gym. It has several pockets that accommodate your cellphone, keys, earbuds, etc. The best part is that it keeps your top from rising as you are doing downward dog (yoga pose), etc.


I also use the belt while camping for hiking, taking long walks, etc. Again, the pockets are useful and the belt is soft, stretchy and moves with your body.


Key features

>> More details on product site


4 secured wide pockets with one concealed zipper pocket: pockets load from the top with pickpocket proof fold over locking flap to secure items. The belt fits iPhones and any size cell phone vertical or horizontal, passport holder, ID, money, keys, flask holder, glasses, travel wallet, and more.

Double the width of other running waist packs: tubular stretch Spandex hip belt 6 inches high with four 8 inch wide pockets. Vertical stretch 7 inches high to accommodate all X-large cell phones.

Highest quality fabric that is soft but durable: Moisture wicking soaks up sweat, keeps body cool, phones bacteria free. Stays put for runners with no chafing or bouncing. Non-bulky slimming comfort hides a muffin top.

100% money back guarantee: which you most likely would not need.


Product dimensions

  • Dimensions: please refer to image above
  • Weight: please refer to size below, as reference, M is 0.175 lbs / 2.8 oz / 79.4 g
  • Colors: black, cool aqua, green, grey, hot pink, ivory, royal blue
  • Size: 
    • Women: XS (0), S (2-6), M (8-10), L (12-14), XL (16-18)
    • Men: XS (24-26), S (28-32), M (33-34), L (36-38), XL (38-40)


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 4.4 / 5 stars from over 770 reviews
  • Over 85% of reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews



2. RFID blocking hidden neck pouch

A popular alternative is the neck pouch which can sometimes double up as a crossbody pouch. The key to a good neck pouch is to be:

  • Discreet (able to hide under your shirt).
  • Comfortable (lightweight enough to not stress your neck and with breathable fabric),
  • Durable (high quality neck strap, zippers and fabric)
  • Secure (slash resistant, RFID protection).


2a. Best performance: Pacsafe Coversafe X75 Neck Pouch

The most functional anti-theft neck pouch on there on the market today is the Pacsafe Coversafe X75 Anti-theft RFID Blocking Neck Pouch (USD 24.95).


>> More details on product site


Containing all the essential features (discrete, comfortable, durable, secure), the versatile Coversafe X75 can be worn both under clothing or outside of clothing with its slash resistant, wire reinforced Carrysafe slashguard strap, soft breathable backing and RFID blocking material.

That said, as the strap is wire reinforced, it may feel a bit stiff, so there’s that trade off between comfort, security and durability there. However, we would prefer a more secure and more durable strap and would not mind losing out on a slight bit less comfort any time.

However, if comfort is the key criteria for you, then you may find the neck pouch from Venture 4th further below more suitable.


What others have to say

5 Stars

By T-Minator


The biggest ‘PRO’ for this bag is the size. It’s ABOUT 5″x6.5″. The edges are soft and a bit squishy, and the flap can be folded down a little bit more than designed to reduce the size somewhat. I bought this for a trip to Mexico City, to hold our passports (2) and some cash/credit cards.


Everything fit fine, and I was able to get this into the Raider/Texans game at Estadio Azteca. The NFL has a strict bag policy, and only allows clear bags up to 12″x6″x12″x, and small ‘clutch’ bags (4.5″x6.5″). This got through as a clutch bag no problem. The neck cord is adjustable, so you can hang it up close at chest level, or wear it down low so it hangs about waist level.


The cord did not bother my neck at all (though some other reviewers say it bothered theirs). The bag is a soft material, so it did not irritate my skin if / when I had to wear it under a t-shirt. When wearing underneath a t-shirt, you can definitely tell that it is there from the outside, and can see the neck strap as well. Most of the time, however, it was between a t-shirt and a pullover, and was not easy to notice. Especially when wearing something with a collar.


Now that I’m home, I use it when riding my motorcycle. It holds my registration, license, and cash, and is easily accessible. I can’t comment on the RFID blocking, as I did not test it. I would recommend this to anyone.


An excellent travel pouch

By Jay P. Francis


Excellent travel pouch and recommended, though, these days, I find that the money belt design is my preferred method for carrying money, etc. when travelling internationally.


I would recommend both, using something like this for airport travel and then switching valuables to the hotel safe and carrying just what one needs for the day in a money belt style pouch around the waist.


Perfect, no matter where your travels take you.

By Richard


Used this recently on a trip to Europe and it worked out beautifully.


It is easy to conceal under clothing and provides enough space for documents, money, change, whatever. I was extremely happy with it and know that it will provide me with years of use.


Key features

>> More details on product site


Zippered main compartment plus one open slot packet: fits passport, ticket, cards, cash and other daily valuables. The velcro flap closure folds over the zippered main compartment.

Soft touch breathable backing: this allows you to wear the Coversafe V75 subtly under clothing comfortably.

Adjustable wire-reinforced carrysafe slashguard neck strap: helps prevent cut-and-run theft when worn outside of clothing.

RFID blocking (inside the zippered compartment): helps protect sensitive personal data stored on RFID micro-chips, which can be accessed by identity thieves from up to 10 feet away using an RFID reader. Pacsafe’s RFIDsafe blocking material helps block out virtually all transmissions between 10 MHz to 3 GHz, which covers the radio frequency used in e-passports, credit cards, ID cards, and key cards.


>> More details on product site


Product dimensions

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 6.7 x 5.3 x 0 in / 17 x 13.5 x 0 cm
  • Weight: 0.18 lbs / 2.88 oz / 79.4 g
  • Materials: 75D Polyester dobby, PU1000mm
  • Strap length: shoulder strap length (min): 11.4 in / 29 cm; shoulder strap length (max): 24.4 in / 62 cm
  • Colors: black, red, grey 


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 4.2 / 5 stars from over 40 reviews
  • Over 80% of reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews



2b. Best value: Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch 

For a super value for money hidden neck pouch, we highly recommend the Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Wallet Stash.


>> More details on product site


At this price point (USD $13.76 – $17.95), you will get a solid quality neck pouch with a high quality construction build that is comfortable, breathable and lightweight to use.

It is also extremely easy to use with multiple well designed compartments and its slim line design will allow effective concealment under your shirt or jacket.

If there is one gripe, it is that on the anti-theft front, the strap can be cut / slashed by a knife from behind, unlike the Pacsafe neck pouch.

One get-around is to only wear the neck pouch under your shirt and avoid exposing the strap by wearing a collared shirt / blouse or polo tee to hide the strap.


What others have to say

The Perfect Travel Pouch

By Sandra McVey


We bought these pouches to use while travelling in China and I’ll never take another trip without them! The lightweight pouches are the perfect size to keep all the essentials safe. They exhibit high-quality construction with 2 zippered outer pockets, a tailored dual compartment inner pocket, and a Velcro flap.


Knowing that credit cards are protected from physical and digital theft really eased our minds. In fact, I like this little pouch so much I routinely take it out on day trips when a large purse would be cumbersome.


This item is perfect for those needs

By fantasy d


Travelling abroad and fearing pickpockets, I wanted something that would hold a passport, credit card / money, and phone plus carry it hidden under my shirt. This item is perfect for those needs.


It’s very light and slim and it not only contains what I mentioned, it can hold even more thanks to multiple zippered pockets. The strap is adjustable so it will allow you to carry the pouch over your shoulder if you desire. For the price, quality and features, this is the best “carry all” for me or anyone’s needs.


Great pouch for holding passports and boarding passes!

By Matt7and34


I used it to hold passports and boarding passes, two pens, and I also held room keys in the front clear window. I was able to fit it under my shirt whilst travelling on the metro and it was well-hidden and not uncomfortable to wear. The strap is strong enough without being thick, and its adjustable (at full extension it hung down near my waistline).


I was travelling with my wife and two children, so using this to have passports and boarding passes immediately at the ready whilst going through security, customs and gate boarding was extremely helpful.


Key features

>> More details on product site


  • Advanced RFID Blocking: lined with radio frequency shielding material which blocks unwanted scans
  • Adjustable strap for ideal comfort: can be used by men or women regardless of height or body shape
  • Slim line design: perfect for wearing beneath clothes
  • Moisture-absorbing back panel: this keeps your skin clear from irritation and sweat, especially if worn under the shirt
  • Numerous smart-storage panels: there are three smart storage compartments to easily organize your documentation and valuables, including two zippered pockets, one Velcro- closure patch, and an ID window for boarding passes allowing easier security checks. The travel pouch also comes with adjustable hook, strap and loop fastener.
  • Unique ID Window: for convenience at checking stations and security points
  • Super durable and will last a lifetime of trips: the pouch is constructed from water resistant rip-stop nylon and designed to stand the test of time. Double stitched reinforced seams prevent rips and tears.
  • Lifetime warranty: with the product’s quality, you probably wouldn’t need it


Product dimensions

  • Dimensions: 5.91 x 0.2 x 8.27 in / 15.0 x 0.51 x 21.0 cm
  • Weight: 0.175 lbs / 2.8 oz / 79.4 g
  • Materials: 100% real leather, sturdy and durable for rough use, texture comfortable for use
  • Colors: black, biege, grey, navy, pink, turquoise 


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 4.7 / 5 stars from over 1,530 reviews
  • Over 95% of reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews



2c. Best budget: Lewis N. Clark Neck Stash

At a slightly lower price point (USD $11.89 – $13.99), the Lewis N. Clark Neck Stash Anti-Theft Hidden Wallet is no slouch either.

>> More details on product site


In operations since 1990, the company has over 20 years of experience in producing travel gear and this anti-theft neck stash does not disappoint.

With a slim line design, special TravelDry fabric that wicks away moisture and with multiple compartments, this anti-theft neck stash will ward off trouble for you comfortably and effectively.

However, a few points why we would still prefer the Pacsafe or Venture 4th neck pouches if budget is not an issue:

  • The straps of the Lewis N’ Clark neck stash aren’t slash resistant
  • Velcro at the top may catch some threads and cause fraying
  • Missing a zip or velcro to secure the ID window


What others have to say

Travel must have

By Mdgn


Easy to forget you have this on because it’s so unassuming; lightweight, versatile and neutral which can be used under your clothes when travelling to have your personal effects on your person, incognito.


The RFID on this is great since I had no problems with my credit cards this time (had some unauthorized purchases on my cards after a recent travel without RFID blocking devides). This thing is a must have when you want to add an extra layer of security for yourself or loved ones as you travel about.


Better than I thought.

By Kiera Kittie


I actually use this more than I thought I would. Sometimes hidden and sometimes as just a shoulder bag when out with the BF. I use it when I travel to and from the States and the UK, I have also used it when going to concerts and big public events.


It has enough room to keep my galaxy s5 phone, cash, coins, papers, and passport. Worth the buy and very handy to have.


and liked that much better

By Connie


I used this on a 3-week trip to Europe, and it worked very well. The first week I wore it around my neck, inside my blouse/shirt in front. Then I tried it as a cross-body, still under my blouse/shirt, and liked that much better.


1) not as visible under my arm as across my stomach 2) more comfortable since I wear cross body purses all the time, 3) the neck strap was not as obvious as when I wore it in front.


Key features

>> More details on product site


Security against modern threats: the neck stash is made with RFID-blocking technology, protecting you against electronic pickpocketing and identity theft.

Built to last: with strong rip-stop nylon and self-repairing zippers, it makes for an ultra-light yet secure solution to keep your valuables safely hidden.

Undercover safety: the ultra-slim design helps keep a low profile under your clothes, and secures your belongings from potential thieves.

Traveldry technology: the special TravelDry fabric wicks away moisture as well as resists odors, mildew, and shrinking, keeping you comfortable while on the move.

Multiple compartments: with different compartments designed for cash and coins, electronics, passports, travel documents, and more, you’ll have a place for everything.


Product dimensions

  • Dimensions: 8 x 5.5 in / 20.3 x 14.0 cm
  • Weight: 0.05 lbs / 0.8 oz / 22.7 g
  • Colors: black, grey, navy, taupe 


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 4.5 / 5 stars from over 1,900 reviews
  • Over 85% of reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews



3. Belt wallet

Another alternative is the belt wallet, where you literally store folded bills in a hidden zippered compartment of your belt.

A good belt wallet should have have a large enough hidden zippered compartment while not looking like an obvious money belt.

However, one point of note is that belt wallets on the market today do not block RFID scanners. Hence, you should still store your banks cards either in an RFID blocking wallet or RFID case / sleeves.


3a. Best performance: Yoder Leather Company Travel Leather Belt

If budget is not an issue, then the Yoder Leather Company Hidden Money Pocket Travel Leather Belt (USD $64.99) is for you.


>> More details on product site


This heavy duty leather belt from the Yoder Leather Company is the top of the line in this category.

Made of thick and substantial top grain leather, the workmanship is excellent and the belt is supple, bendable and will last for years. The buckle is also solid and secured with removable Chicago screws which allows for changeable buckles.

Of course, not forgetting the real purpose of this belt which is to store cash, the hidden zippered pocket is also very roomy, allowing you to store up to 24 cash bills.

One point of note however, is that as the belt is thick, it may not fit pants with smaller / thinner belt loops, so do check out the dimensions below before purchase.


 What others have to say

One serious hunk of leather from a terrific company

By JohnM


This is one serious hunk of leather – and it’s thick. Follow the sizing instructions (see the website if you’ve any questions). The pocket is very generous, lots of room for folded cash and documents. Makes my old, now torn and defunct money belt look like a cheap piece of junk. I haven’t overstated anything. It’s a helluva belt.


Update: the belt developed a problem with the pocket. I contacted Amazon, but it was beyond the return time limit. Then I contacted Yoder Leather, and after sending some pictures showing the problem, I returned the belt (at my expense, as I bought it on Amazon) and their craftsman MADE ME A NEW ONE, and mailed it to me! This is pride in craftsmanship, and customer service from a bygone era. Support this business and its people, they are the real honest-to-gosh deal. We need more like them.


I’m in love with this belt

By Robert M


I’m in love with this belt and it’s very thick heavy duty leather. This belt is going to last me for a very long time. I’m able to hold $2,000 in this belt in 100’s and 20’s with ease along with printed copies of our passports when traveling. It probably could hold more, but figure $2,000 is a nice number to get us home if my wallet was ever stolen / robbed.


Top of the Line Belt

By Hannah


High quality belt! We were hoping for a good quality money belt and when this arrived, we were pleasantly surprised. This is a thick, quality leather belt with solid stitching, a sturdy buckle and smooth zipper. Well crafted, one of the best made leather money belts we have ever purchased. We will definitely keep this company in mind for future purchases.


Key features

>> More details on product site


Quality leather: This handmade money belt is crafted from thick 3/16″ USA tanned genuine English bridle leather, finished with high grade leather polish to give it a beautiful sheen.

Hidden zipper pocket: this belt has a special hidden jam proof zipper pocket for holding cash or documents. Holds up to 24 bills folded the narrow way.

Solid buckle: the brown comes with a solid brass rounded buckle and the black has a polished steel buckle. Buckle is secured with removable Chicago screws which allows for changeable buckles.


Product dimensions

  • Belt dimensions:
    • Approx 0.188 in / 0.48 cm thick
    • 1.5 in / 3.8 cm wide
    • 25 in / 63.5 cm zippered pocket
    • 7 holes spaced 1 in / 2.5 cm apart
  • Sizes: for waist 32 – 54 in / 81 – 137 cm
  • Colors: black, brown 


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 4.4 / 5 stars from over 40 reviews
  • Over 85% of reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews



3b. Best value: Atitlan Leather Money Belt

If budget is a concern however, you can also consider the Atitlan Leather Brown Leather Money Belt with Interchangeable Buckle (USD $28.95 – $33.95).


>> More details on product site


Although the leather used in Atitlan’s belt is not in the top range as that of the Yoder Leather Company’s, it is still of decent quality and represents good value for money at this price point.

You can stash around 12-15 folded bills into the belt, which is supple, sturdy and well made, and is decent enough to even be worn as just a regular belt.


What others have to say


By Paul A. Nelson


This is a great belt. Period. It’s doubly great because of the hidden money option. I was able to stash close to a dozen different bills of various sizes in this pocket. Yes, you need to fold the bills over quite a few times to get them to fit. Yes, that means when you take them out, they will be somewhat wrinkled and bent. They spend the same. It only took a brief period of adjustment initially for my body, recognizing that the belt was stiffer because of the folded bills than a normal belt. It wasn’t long before I wasn’t thinking about that at all.


Construction appears to be very good. The leather belt loop is not attached and will slide off, so you have to watch this. No trouble with the buckle or the belt itself. Leather is kind of rough which gives it a well-worn appearance even when new.


I’ve traveled with security pouches in the past and I won’t ever use those again to carry cash as long as I have this kind of belt available. It doesn’t offer RFID protection but it also isn’t big enough to put credit cards in. For those (as well as for passports, etc.) you’ll obviously need to still have another travel pouch option.


Definitely my best pre-trip purchase, and one I plan to enjoy on future trips!


One of my favorite belts! Can’t wait to take another trip!!!

By Master Marco


Great belt. Looks great, soft leather, well made and seems like it will hold up. If I made them, I’d love to see an even longer zipper… at a 42 inch waist, I could do anther 2 the same size. That being said, I can get $1500 or more in $100’s as it is, which is pretty substantial.


Fantastic Belt – Will Order More



Because of its price, I wasn’t expecting much, but I was impressed by its quality. It looks as good as my more expensive leather belts. Although I was only going to use this belt at my “travel destination” but I switched from my current (…and much more expensive) leather belt to travel with immediately (…which BTW meant one less thing to travel with).


The “storage space” is easily accessible … AND large enough for me to fit not only extra $ but copies of my travel documentations – passport and drivers license. Walked through the TSA (Pre-Pass) without a hitch and I hadn’t noticed any difference from all the other belts. I will definitely order more.


Key features

>> More details on product site


Quality leather: 100% handcrafted with full grain cowhide leather

Hidden pocket with YKK zippers: 19.5 inch YKK zipper pocket to store emergency funds (can hold around 15 folded bills) and a copy of your passport

Interchangeable buckle: keep the strap, but change the buckle if you wish!


Product dimensions

  • Belt dimensions:
    • 1.5 in / 3.8 cm wide
    • 19.5 in / 49.5 cm YKK zippered pocket
  • Sizes: for waist 30 – 48 in / 76 – 122 cm (when choosing size, recommended to go 2 spaces up from pant size)
  • Colors: brown 


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 3.8 / 5 stars from over 250 reviews
  • Over 70% of reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews



3c. Best budget: Thomas Bates Designs Hiker Money Belt

If leather is not your thing, a recommended belt wallet at an even lower price point which we recommend is the Thomas Bates Designs Hiker Money Belt (USD $19.95).


>> More details on product site


This belt is no slouch in the quality department though.

It deserves high praise for being extremely comfortable, easy to wear and use and being easily customizable by simply cutting off the excess length and then singeing it with a flame to seal the end.

That said, it is a no frills belt which will suffice for trips made once in a while. If you were to use it frequently however, it might not last the distance.


What others have to say

The best belt for (nearly) any occasion!

By Felix Wong


I initially bought this as a TSA-friendly travel belt, but it has since become my favorite belt of all time for just about any occasion. Here’s why:


Easiest and quickest belt I’ve ever put on. Just slide in an end and press down on the plastic buckle.
Infinite adjustability, unlike most belts which have holes punched in at fixed increments.
Most comfortable belt I have worn.
– You can cut to length for the best fit! (After cutting with scissors, singe with a flame to seal the end.)
– Can double as a money belt (have not used this feature yet; will only do so in sketchy countries or areas).
Different colors available
– Made in USA
Seems to be high quality. Even though the buckles is made out of plastic, it shuts with a satisfying click and feels like it will last a long time. I expect the fabric portion of the belt to wear better than many leather belts I’ve owned.
– Do not need to take off in airports using metal detectors. Have not tried at airports using revolving scanners yet.


I got the navy blue one, which I would use for virtually any of my pants. The only pants I probably would not use with this belt are dress pants. For dress pants, it might be better (more fashionable) to wear a more formal belt.


No one will guess where your money is!

By JMat


Traveled to Nicaragua with $300 in twenty dollar bills and no one knew! Heck, even I forgot! Very comfortable and the buckle is easy to work. Seems sturdy and well made. Allowed me to covertly carry cash with no one the wiser.


The only drawbacks are that money has to be folded twice on itself lengthwise and getting to your stash of cash might look a little odd to people when you unbuckle your belt. You can make these to things easier to deal with by grouping your money into useable lots and keeping small amounts of folded cash in your pocket.


Awesome Belt for Travel

By LePetitMonster


This is a great belt. I purchased it for a trip through Europe and it served me very well. My trip was only 10 days so I was able to fold up all of the money I needed for my entire trip. I just folded the bills lengthwise and everything fit perfectly, you couldn’t even tell there was anything in the belt. It is much more comfortable that the money belts you wear under your clothes and it never set of any of the metal detectors I went through at the airport or at museums.


The belt was easy to size and fits great. I would recommend this highly to anyone traveling.


Key features

>> More details on product site


  • Metal free, nickel-free nylon money belt.
  • Unscratchable polycarbonate buckle.
  • 56 cm / 22″ zipper pocket holds up to £1000 or $10000 cash.
  • Strong belt design, ideal for rugged outdoor activities; fishing, hiking, camping and sports.
  • Travel-friendly non-metal construction, water resistant.
  • Custom fit to size, by cutting and singeing ends.
  • Made in USA.


Product dimensions

  • Belt dimensions:
    • 1.25 in / 3.12 cm wide
    • 22 in / 56 cm zipper pocket
  • Sizes: fits up to size 42
  • Colors: brown 


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 4.2 / 5 stars from over 270 reviews
  • Over 80% of reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews



4. Bra pouch

The bra pouch is another alternative for women who wish to go hands free.

A good bra pouch must first and foremost be comfortable to wear, then be easily securable, and be roomy enough to contain sufficient bills yet not be noticeable.

However, two points of note on bra pouches on the market today so as to manage expectations:


4a. Best performance: Pacsafe Coversafe S25 Anti-Theft Secret Bra Pouch

The Pacsafe Coversafe S25 Anti-Theft Secret Bra Pouch (USD 13.95) is one we highly recommend.


>> More details on product site


Another high quality product by Pacsafe, this bra pouch is exceptionally soft to touch, and is designed with a woman’s body and contours in mind.

It lies comfortably on the body underneath your clothing, and can be clipped comfortably onto the front or side of most bras.

We would say at this price range, this is definitely one of the best out there on the market, scoring high on all four essential properties – comfort, security, size and being barely noticeable.


What others have to say

Necessary if your traveling abroad – but you’ll start using it everyday

By C Bishop


Need if you’re traveling abroad!! But you’ll definitely start using at home, especially at the bars.


This is an absolute must if you’re traveling abroad. It keeps your ID, cash, cards and whatever else safe and comfortable. Its unnoticeable under the cutest outfit, and leaves your hands free. There’s no need for a purse when absolutely everything (including tampons and keys) will fit into this thing!! It’s a soft, stretchy material that will expand to fit almost anything.


It is SOOO nice going to the bar, fair, the movies, ect… and walking around with your hands FREEE. No purse, no wallet. Free hands #Bliss


It was comfortable and convenient even in hot temperatures


By Cataldo11


Perfection. When traveling or attending events I tend to use a small bi fold leather holder for credit cards and a little cash and put it in my bra. This provided a level of comfort knowing it wouldn’t just slip out.


It was comfortable and convenient even in hot temperatures. Easy to access and knowing that even if it slipped out of the top of my bra, it wasn’t going any where! Great peace of mind. Highly recommend.


Fantastic for traveling!

By Krista Hinz


This was a LIFESAVER while traveling.


I kept my cards and cash in it and had no stress about thieves lifting my essentials while traveling heavily pickpocketed cities. I loved it so much, I actually continued to use it when I got home instead of carrying a purse! The top flap did start to unravel after about 6 months – but this was also after 6 months of everyday use.


Key features

>> More details on product site


Carry just the essentials: subtle yet secure, it’s big enough to fit credit cards and cash, and has a snap button flap closure.

Comfortable, discreet: made from lingerie fabric, the soft-to-the-touch Coversafe S25 is breathable and machine washable.

Secure clasp: the soft touch adjustable elastic strap is complemented by a secure lightweight clasp.

Wear on the front or side: the Coversafe S25 clips easily on the front or side of a bra or swimsuit.


Product dimensions

  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.5 x 0 in / 11 x 9 x 0 cm
  • Weight: 0.08 lbs / 1.28 oz / 36.3 g
  • Strap length: min: 2 in / 5 cm; max – 3 in / 7.5 cm
  • Material: 190gsm Soft Touch Nylon Spandex
  • Colors: pink 


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 4.2 / 5 stars from over 85 reviews
  • Over 75% of reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews



4b. Best value: Braza – Secret Stash Pocket

A cheaper alternative to Pacsafe’s product is the Braza’s Secret Stash Pocket (USD $9.00)


>> More details on product site


Another quality product, this bra pouch from Braza scores highly on comfort, securability and size.

However, one gripe is that it can be noticeable, especially if you try to stuff more things in it. One trick is to wear something over it, such as a scarf.


 What others have to say

This is a great little item

By Brenda


This is a great little item! It is small, but if it were any bigger, it would probably be too noticeable and annoying. It is the perfect size. You can fit a drivers license, credit cards, metro card, money, and papers. It doesn’t hold much else, but it is perfect if you are going out to a bar, concert, or anywhere you don’t want to carry a purse or are worried about getting pick pocketed.


The velcro is secure and I haven’t had any issues with it falling off or anything. Highly recommend!!


Practical & Sassy!

By N. P


I used this product while travelling throughout Austria & Croatia last summer. Record high temperatures above 100 degrees every day of my trip made me grateful I decided to keep my secret cash stash on my bra vs the conventional money belt around the waist. I found myself chuckling at the other tourists whose “hidden” money belts became visible under their sweaty tees & tanks. But not me, bra stash to the rescue!


I found this product very easy to use and extremely comfortable to wear. The velcro clip is secure and the pouch is the perfect size to stash a couple of credit cards and cash. While this isn’t normally a product that I would wash regularly, 100 degree temps during my travels made it necessary to wash my pocket pouch on a regular basis and I was pleased by how well this product held up with repeated washings. Overall, I would highly recommend!


Discreet, helpful for international travel trip!

By Kelse


My friend let me borrow this on an international trip two years ago, and was so useful I had to buy one for another trip I’m taking this summer. I like how it can fit your ID / credit cards / cash, and is totally discreet (when I used it you could not see a lump or anything).


However it can sometimes be hard to subtly put the pocket back on / in your bra after taking it off… it can also become moist with sweat but still worth it I promise! Pro-tip- don’t put the pocket on the middle of your bra like the picture shows; instead, I stuff it into the side of my bra near my armpit (I think this way is more discreet, and is ultimately easier for you to access in this location).


Key features

>> More details on product site


A lingerie pocket that attaches to the plunge of your bra, the hip of your panties, or your bra’s wing – where your most prized possessions can be kept safe and sound.

With a 3 inch velcro secured stretchable band for easy placement or adjustment.


Product dimensions

  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 1 in / 12.7 x 12.7 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.05 lbs / 0.8 oz / 22.7 g
  • Pocket (W x H): 2.75 x 4.25 in / 7 x 10.8 cm
  • Material: nylon, spandex, polyester and a soft lace blend
  • Colors: pink 


Reviews and ratings

Do click the image below to check out product images and user reviews of the product:

  • Rated 4.0 / 5 stars from over 330 reviews
  • Over 70% of reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews



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