Safety solutions

The best travel safety products, for all trips, budgets and any corner of the world!

Did you know that:

  • A bag snatching occurs every 15 minutes and 46 seconds in a safe, developed country that is the UK?
  • Or that an estimated 400,000 pickpocket cases happen each day globally?

So why:

  • Put yourself at risk during your well deserved holiday, when all you want to do, is relax?
  • Or allow a potential danger prevent you from travelling far and wide, on your once in a lifetime adventure?

Getting the perfect safety gear setup to travel anywhere safely requires just a few pieces of items:


1. Essential gear

2. Good to haves


Go on and explore further below, as we share the best travel safety items for all budget levels!


Travel insurance

Tons of uncontrollable things can go wrong. Travel insurance eliminates this risk. World Nomads Travel Insurance, backed by Lonely Planet, is what we recommend.

Anti-theft bags

Anti-theft bags are slash resistant, come with hidden pockets, RFID blocks, lockable zippers and a locking system. Click here for the best anti-theft bags and luggage!

Money belts, hidden pouches

Why put yourself at the risk of pickpockets and robbers when you can just get one of these? Click here for the best RFID blocking money belts and hidden pouches!

RFID blocking travel wallets

All you need to defeat card skimmers, fake police, pickpockets and muggers is here. Click here for the best RFID blocking travel wallets and cheap spare wallets!

Travel safety accessories

Small price, big results. A good accessory can save you tons of headaches. Click here for the best TSA locks, portable locks, luggage straps and cable ties!

Hotel safety tools

Did you know that 60-70% of hotel thefts are inside jobs? Click here for the best portable safe, hotel safe locks, door locks and door motion alarms!

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