For people taking public transport to the park beware. We got off the bus in Nho Quan and were approached by a taxi driver. He offered to take us to our accommodation for 10,000 dong per km. This was a very reasonable price so we agreed. He didn’t have a meter but reset the tripometer to 0 to record the distance.

We tracked our location using GPS & could see it was less than 10km. Twice we had to tell him where to turn as he was trying to take us a long way. When we were nearing our destination, the reading was 16km even though we had driven 9! Then it jumped up to 24km as he pulled up! We told him we knew what he was doing and refused to pay. He refused to give us our luggage. After some arguing and him demanding us pay what he wanted, we sorted the situation by taking pictures of his licence plate and threatening to call the police. He accepted 100,000 dong and drove off.

The licence plate of the car was 35A 05951