What TravelScams.org Is and How It Can Help You

TravelScams.org aims to help you protect yourself (and your money) from tourist-targeted scams and enjoy the holiday or trip that you fully deserve.

On this site, you will be able to find all current tourist-targeted scams documented around the world.

Filtering by country/location is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse and you will find all you need to know to fully protect yourself.


The Story behind TravelScams.org

Have you ever gotten scammed on your travels or holidays?

That feeling sucks, and it can totally ruin the dream vacation you had been eagerly anticipating.

In some scenarios, it can even be dangerous (but mostly to your wallet since it’s just money that they want).

I know, because I was scammed in Vietnam with a friend before.

How naive we were then.

It was at a junction of a busy street where we were offered a half day trip on a cyclo (a three wheeled bicycle taxi). What was initially suspicious was that we could choose to pay any amount or even not pay at all.

Sensing our skepticism, these shrewd cyclo drivers then showed us a book featuring hand written notes of gratitude in different languages from tourists around the world.

That was just the push we needed as the reviews swayed our emotions. Eventually, we accepted the offer.

The cyclo driver did keep up to his end of his promise, cycling us around Ho Chi Minh and to places we requested. To thank him, we treated him dinner.

However, when we were heading back to our hotel, the wolf finally emerged. He cycled us to a deserted area, brandished a “rate card” from his company and demanded a set amount of money (can’t remember how much it was).

It was dark, nobody was around and definitely no alternative transport that we could not take. Sucking our thumbs, we gave less than what he demanded after some negotiations.

That was a total spoiler to our trip, as we had to watch our spending the next few days.

Regardless, it was a valuable learning experience. Looking back, I actually found it pretty funny imagining our naivety since then!

This sparked the idea for TravelScams.org and it is my hope that this will help you look out for yourself and enjoy that long awaited holiday or trip you fully deserve.

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