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Each day 400,000 pickpocket incidents happen around the world. Protect yourself with a RFID blocking wallet/purse or a cheap spare wallet today!

RFID blocking wallet

If you carry a credit card, using a cheap RFID blocking wallet is a must. It is non-negotiable, unless you wouldn’t mind taking the risk of having your credit card swiped. When that happens, it is a whole mountain-load of headaches, as you have to call the bank to cancel your credit cards, to dispute any transaction you didn’t make, and to apply for replacement cards. This is made worse because you wouldn’t know that your card details have been stolen, until when you receive your monthly statement.

How this works is because credit cards contain a RFID chip. This chip is what allows you to make contactless payments through radio waves. However, a crook walking by with a device can easily scan your card’s details through your wallet and pocket, as shown in the following video:

As such, using a RFID blocking wallet will prevent that by blocking all electromagnetic fields and it comes with our strongest recommendation. One highly affordable RFID blocking wallet you could consider is the Lavievert Supple Genuine Leather Travel Bifold Wallet Men’s RFID Blocking Slim Light-weight Wallet – Black.

The wallet has RFID blocking technology, which as explained earlier, blocks radio frequency signals and thus protects not just your credit cards, but also other magcards.

Further, it is made of 100% real leather, so it is sturdy and durable while being lightweight (0.24 ounces) enough for rough use during your travels. It also looks good on the eye and the texture is comfortable for use. Within the wallet, you can insert items in up to 11 slots:

  • 2 of which are the full sized slots which can be used for cash/cheques
  • 4 extra large pockets
  • 4 individual card slows
  • 1 photo holder

Product dimensions: 12*9*1.5 cm / 4.7*3.5*0.6 inches

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RFID blocking clutch/purse

For females who wish to travel with some style and added functionality, a RFID blocking clutch/purse might be a better fit than a wallet. One which you could consider is this below:

The outer material of this clutch purse is made of cowhide split leather and the lining is made of fabric and synthetic leather. It is comfortable, looks great (one user even remarked “I couldn’t bear to use it because I was scared it would get dirty”), and comes in over 10 colours. Other users also praise how lightweight (0.42 pounds) the wallet is and its thinness relative to other wallets.This wallet has up to 14 slots:

  • 1 main cash pocket
  • 8 card slots
  • 2 compartments for cash/cheques
  • 1 zippered pocket
  • 2 photo holders

Product dimensions: 7.48*1.18*3.74 inches

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Cheap spare wallet

A cheap spare wallet is essential for any trip, as it allows you to:

  • Diversify areas where you store your cash so you don’t lose much if you misplace one source
  • An easy, pain-free escape route when faced with a robber, pickpocket, fake police who demands to check your wallet, etc

One wallet which you can consider is the Remiel Store Men Bifold Business PU Leather Wallet Purse ID Credit Card Holder as shown below:

At a price of $2+ only, it is fuss free and dirt cheap – you wouldn’t mind losing it when faced with a robber or pickpocket. Despite the cheap price tag, Made of PU leather, it is comfortable and lightweight enough to use. it can also be use effectively as a standalone wallet as well, as it contains an inside compartment for notes/cash, photo holder, coin pocket and multiple card slots.

Product dimensions: 11*9.5*1 cm / 4.3*3.7*0.4 inches

Do click the image below to check out other product images and user reviews of the product.

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