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Each day 400,000 pickpocket incidents happen around the world. A small step is all that is needed to not fall prey. Prepare and protect yourself with these essentials today!

The essentials for any traveler

Cheap spare wallet

A cheap spare wallet is essential for any trip, as it allows you to:

  • Diversify areas where you store your cash so you don’t lose much if you misplace one source
  • An easy, pain-free escape route when faced with a robber, pickpocket, fake police who demands to check your wallet, etc

RFID blocking wallet

If you carry a credit card, consider using a cheap RFID blocking wallet. This is because credit cards contain a RFID chip. This chip is what allows you to make contactless payments through radio waves.

However, a crook walking by with a device can easily scan your card’s details through your wallet and pocket. A RFID blocking wallet will prevent that by blocking all electromagnetic fields.

TSA lock

This is the “bread and butter” of any traveler’s kit. Use one for your luggage/bag, and bring another one or two pieces along in case any situation requires it.

Anti-theft bag/backpack

If you like to carry multiple items as you move around, an anti-theft bag is for you. Anti-theft bags come with multiple features, such as concealed zippers, slash-resistant, hidden pockets, RFID blocking and a locking system for instance.

Anti-theft crossbody/messenger bag/totes

Similar to the anti-theft backpack, just in different form.

Anti-theft luggage

Similar to the anti-theft backpack, just in different form.


Situation dependent items

Money belt

A money belt is a more traditional way of concealing your valuables so as to not become a target of pickpockets.

Personal safety alarm

For single travelers or travelers exploring dangerous places especially, consider getting a lightweight personal safety alarm. The alarm works by letting out off a loud siren-like sound to alert others to help you when you get into trouble.

Portable door lock/door jammer

If you do not trust your accommodation’s security, consider using a portable door lock or door jammer for extra security.

Hotel safe lock

Again, if you do not trust your accommodation’s security, a hotel safe lock adds an additional barrier to the hotel safe which only you can unlock.

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